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Did you say “weighted pushups”?

July 11, 2013

Thursday night at 7:30pm is a CrossFit Express Class.  I hope to see you there.

The Iron by Henry Rollins.  Trevor sent this to me last night, health and I had read it years ago.  But dammit, The Iron is something you should read regularly to “stoke the fire.”  There are some memorable one-liners in this essay.  Please pick your favorites and post to Facebook comments.

Weighted Pushups

Are you reading this a doing a double take?  Weighted “PUSHUPS”???  Oh, it’s a thing.  We haven’t done this in a while, but since we’re at the end of the pushups challenge, it seemed like fun.  To perform a weighted pushup, you lay on the ground, on your chest, at the bottom of the pushup position.  Have a partner, or 2, stack weight on your scapula.  Once they have hit the desired weight – PUSH.  I wouldn’t make the weighted pushup the center piece of my strength training, but it is fun to do once in a while.  And it makes for great pictures.


Kelly at the bottom of a dip.

Kelly at the bottom of a dip.

Workout of the Day

Front Squat


Take 15 minutes to build to 3 moderate to heavy sets across.  Focus on perfect positioning.

Weighted Pushup

Take 10 minutes to build to your heaviest weighted pushup for the day.



3 rounds, not for time

Max Effort Toe to Bar

Sled Push

Take your time between sets.  Score combined number of T2B from the 3 sets.

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