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May 15, 2013

On Wednesday, this web CFO will be taking on the benchmark WOD “Diane” – 21-15-9 of 225/155 Deadlift and Handstand Pushups.  Because the distance the bar and your body travels is the shortest than in another benchmark WOD, viagra sale Diane has the potential to be one of the fastest CrossFit WODs out there.  If you are a weightlifting gymnast with the lungs of a porpoise, viagra 100mg as Glassman said.

Like any 21-15-9, transitions are key.  Quickly getting onto good positions where you can rip off fast, efficient reps is key for best times.  There are 5 transition points in this WOD.  If you rest 3 seconds on all, you have cost yourself 15 seconds in a WOD that takes fast, fit athletes in the 2 to 3 minute range. 

They weight is a little heavier than other WODs and the handstand pushups require more skill, so I’ll be discussing strategy and scaling.


– If you have been training for a bit, this deadlift should be pretty manageable.  If possible, unbroken sets are best.  Any break is a minimum of 3 seconds, so if you drop, be quick on the bar.

– If unbroken sets of 21 sound crazy, take planned rest.  11 and 10 on the 21, 9 and 6 on the 15 and 9 to finish may get you the time you are looking for.

– Almost more important than speed is safety.  The weight is not heavy, but it’s heavy enough.  There is a huge tendency to begin to “hinge” at the hips to move the bar fast.  To go fast, you may find you are pulling with your hips high.  Fight this urge.   Keep a flat back, chest up position.  Deadlift by moving your hips and shoulders at the same time.  Otherwise, you may find it hard to tie your shoelaces for 4 days.

HSPU for RX Athletes:

– Diane is all about HSPU.  Fast kipping, HSPU.

– I recommend kipping from the start.  Strict HSPU are faster, but they gas quicker.  When these guys go, you are done for a minute or more.

– Even if you are able to do strict, then transition to kipping HSPU, I recommend kipping.  For example, you do 13 strict HSPU, then kip the final 8 by staying on the wall.  You still have a big set of 15 coming.  I have seen people double their time on this WOD doing the last 4 HSPU.

– If possible, work on you kipping HSPU so you have a “super kip.”  On normal HSPU, I pull my knees to my hips to kip.  As I fatigue, I pull my knees to my chest, which pulls me away from the wall a bit.  Then, I kick like a mule.  This requires some timing and practice, but it’s very effective.

– If you gas, you need to know where you are in the WOD.  If you find you are struggling with a rep, I recommend breaking, standing up, and shaking out your arms for at least 10 seconds.  As the workout progresses, you will need to take more rest to let your pressing strength return.  

– Unless you have 15 or more UB HSPU, I recommend small sets to start.  Sets of 3 to 5 on the set of 21 may seem conservative but may seem genius later.  I saw an athlete get to PR his HSPU on the set of 21, then spend 5 minutes on the set of 15.

Scaling HSPU for Diane

– This depends on you.  Are you looking to get better at HSPU, the hand stand, or get a good metabolic effect.

– One scaling option is literally kicking into a HS.  Kick up, feel a confident position, and kick down.  That’s 1.  This will build HS confidence, but you may get a little dizzy.

– For many athletes, HSPU to an abmat, or a stack of abmats, is the way to go.  Set a target for your head, for example 2 abmats.  Lower from the handstand until your head touches, then use a kip to do a HSPU.  You can also stack an abmat on a weight.  THIS IS IMPORTANT – you must practice touching your head to the mat.  There is no way to kip if you are not in contact with the ground/mat.

– Keep stacking mats.  You may be using 3 until you become proficient, then use 2.  Get awesome at that, then go down to 1.  Finally, you’re ready from level HSPU.  But guess what?  Once you get good on the floor, you start working from a deficit, or ring HSPU.  If never gets easier, and you wouldn’t want it to, either.

– If kicking into a HS seems like a stretch, Guys will go 2 for 1, and ladies will do 1 for 1 pushups.  Work a good, hard gymnastic push, then get back on the barbell and pull it fast with a perfect back.


Gina got 13+ rounds the other day!

Gina got 13+ rounds the other day!


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