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June 09, 2015

Tuesday’s Benchmark is, tadalafil in my mind, physician Fran’s sister.  Instead of a weightlifting push and gymnastic pull, troche you get a weightlifting pull and a gymnastic push.  This is also similar to Fran in that it can be done very quickly – 3 minutes and less for strong athletes that can go unbroken.  Now, it isn’t as bad as Fran, mainly because of bar distance, which relates into horsepower.  The bar and your body don’t move too far on either movement, so Diane doesn’t provide the metabolic punch of Fran.

What it does test is Handstand Pushup, and it tests them in a major way.  If you have them, great.  I recommend kipping everyone, as strict is faster, but when they go, they are gone.  You may have to stand there for 30 seconds or more, and even then end yourself doing small sets, even singles to finish.

For scaling, if you have a normal ab mat scaling, use it.  I would not go with more than 2 though – we find that 3 ab mats is too small of a range of motion to really provide the impact we/you are looking for.  If you need more than 2 ab mats to scale – I suggest subbing 7-5-3 Wall Walks for the 21-15-9 of HSPU.

We are giving you 15 minutes to complete – which is a good amount of time.  If you need to slow down on the HSPU, breaking them early – do it.  We have some pretty fast times on the men’s side of the records board.  We only have 1 RX girls time on record. Let’s change that on Tuesday.

Workout of the Day



Deadlift 225/155

Handstand Push Up

15 minute cap

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