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Develop Your Weakness

May 10, 2013

A System For Developing Competitive CrossFitters, stomach Part 2 by Jacob Tsypkin.  A follow up to Jacob’s great article I posted a few weeks ago.  Check out the comments section.  Glenn Pendlay (whose name is on own weights) commented on the article.  What are Glenn’s thoughts on Squats?  He makes it pretty clear.  And Jacob responds, here but continues to argue his philosophy in a very clear manner.  Coach Pendaly emphasizes the squat as the holy grail of developing strength.  Jacob, who is an extremely knowledgable CrossFit coach, explains the importance on developing weaknesses and balance, providing examples.  Great stuff.

Speaking of attacking weaknesses, have you guys checked out the Regional WODs?  2 years ago, making 315# a “21-15-9” weight.  Last year, the high rep 225# hang clean and 100# bum bell were a shot across the bow for every bodyweight superstar.  This year, there is not an obnoxious jump in weights, but the ability to recover, especially on day 2, seems like the true test.  I wish everyone could experience the feeling on day 3, having done 2 days of serious exercising, with one more ahead.  The programming this year is extremely balanced, and I’m not sure it favors a strong guy/gal or a body weight guy/gal, it favors the fittest guy/gal.


How CFO Coaches get it done. Nice job BMB & Jen!

How CFO Coaches get it done. Nice job BMB & Jen!

Workout of the Day


40 Toes to Bar

Once TTB complete, as many rounds of

12 Deadlift 225/135

12 Burpee over the bar


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  1. Sam Smith Reply

    That’s a really well thought out plan by Jacob Tsypkin…but the proof is in the pudding…how many successful crossfitters does he have (in regionals or the games)? Performance always trumps strength or programming. Regardless, it was a good read.

    Thus, CF Oakdale programming is superior because people are becoming more competitive in Crossfit as well as heading to regionals to dominate. So I’ll follow this programming over that fancy one any day.

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