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Death by Barbell!

June 27, 2014

Death By Barbell is Friday night at 6:30pm.  The WOD on Friday is relatively simple, pharm so you can come in and warm up early.  We will do a quick movement review at 6:30 and get moving.

Here are the movement standards


Stand Tall with the weight, viagra knees and hips fully extended.

You may drop from the top

After your 15th deadlift, you must come to a complete stop before beginning your first Hang Clean

Hang Clean

Stand tall in the front rack with elbows in front of the bar.  Knees and hips fully extended.

To perform the Hang Clean, the bar must come to a complete stop above the knee – meaning you cannot Clean from the ground – you must come to stop.

You must finish with feet underneath the hips. If you split, you must bring your feet back.  If you receive in the power, split or squat clean, you must stand up with hips and knees fully extended before lowering the bar.

Front Squat

Squat below parallel, crease of the hip BELOW the knee joint.

Any grip is fine – genie is disgusting, but acceptable.

You may thruster the bar from the front squat to the first shoulder to overhead.

Push Jerk

It says Push Jerk, but it’s really shoulder to over head anyhow.  You must go from the front rack – you may not rack from the back.

A completed rep is with elbows, shoulders, hips and knees fully extended.

If you split, you must return your feet underneath your hips before lowering the bar.

For those of you who this will be your first competition – here is a little #TBT for you. November 2011 Good Time CrossFit Fall Classic Emmaline, Alison and Tricia just about ready for the 1 mile sandbag run with 40 sandbag pushups in the middle. 


Workout of the Day



Run 800m

50 Back Extensions

50 Sit ups

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