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CrossFit “Total”-ly Saturday

July 06, 2013

Saturday is our first “Totally Saturday” lifting event.  We will perform the CrossFit Total.  We will have 2 sessions, page at 9am and 10am.  The Total, no rx or CFT, consists of you best lifts of the back squat, the shoulder press and the deadlift.  Each lift will be scored, then added up.  For example, you score may look like 300/155/405/860.  You squatted 300#, pressed 155# and deadlifted 405# for a 860# CFT.

There is some strategy involved.  You will be given a chance to warm up each lift, then when lifting time starts you will call for your opening lifts.  You will get 3 chances on each lift, and only 3.  If you miss, you get a 0.  Your score will be your best lift in each event.  We will talk more about this, but my advice is for a conservative lift first – something you KNOW you will make.  Second, try a lift that will be tough, maybe even a PR.  For your third lift, go Milko(watch video below).

Our 9am session will go first, and we may roll right into our 10am session.  Following the 10am session, we will play ultimate football.  If you have a good football, please bring it.  Again, the more the merrier.  You don’t really need to know how to throw or catch to run around and have a great time. Teams will be picked based on exercise ability…no one will be picked last (ahem….Alison…).

Workout of the Day

CrossFit Total

Max effort

Back Squat

Shoulder Press


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