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CrossFit on 60 Freaking Minutes!!!

May 11, 2015

This marks week 2 of our new strength program. A couple of tips. If you did the lifts last week, prostate you may add 5-10#. But…you should not be missing lifts.  This is an opportunity to perfect movement with moderate weight.  Except for the squats.  Sets of 8 are hard.  I’m not saying you should fail, but you should be fighting.

I will post the Weekly challenge on Tuesday – if you haven’t taken a crack at 42 in 2 minutes, get on it!


Workout of the Day


3 sets of Hang Snatch, 2 Position (Low then High)

3 sets at 60% of 1RM of your Snatch.  If you did this last week, you may add  5-10#As far as the Positions go, Low can be Position 2, just above the knee, or if you are comfortable, just BELOW the knee.  This is great to work on if the bar gets out in front on your first pull.  For the High Hang, this is not Position 1, it’s more like 1.5.  We want to see some hinge at the hip and lowering the bar down the thighs. Take 6 or 7 minutes to get to your working weight.

Front Squat

3 sets of 8, 60% of 1RM, or add 5-10# to last weeks lift After the Snatch, take 4-5 sets to get to your working weight.



3/2 Wall Climbs

30 Air Squats

Optional Work

3×10 Bent Over DB Row (each hand)

3×10 DB Bench Press

3×10 Weighted Lunge Step (each leg) For the lunge step, try to step BACKWARDS, then step forward.  I recommend holding the weight in your opposite hand than your lunging legs

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