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CrossFit Kids Oakdale

I am proud and excited to announce that the CrossFit Kids Oakdale Program will kickoff in December! Kids have amazing strength and flexibility. CrossFit Kids Programming comes easily to them and they have a blast. Our program will teach kids the love of fitness, generic pride in themselves, recipe and the benefits of living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Similar to the CrossFit Methodology, the kids program will be participating in workouts that are constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity. I personally think they do that 24 hours a day already:)  CrossFit Kids Oakdale adds structure. No two workouts will be the same, which cuts down on boredom. The movement we learn are ones we do every day. I am pretty sure every kid needs to pick his or her back pack off of the ground. Sitting down and getting up are functional movements. We call them squats. We will teach them how to doing it safely and effectively.

CrossFit Kids Oakdale will be for ages 6-12. This 35 minute class will cover a warmup, a skill session to introduce new movements as well as practice the ones we already know, and a short WOD (workout of the Day). Each class will end with a fun game.

CrossFit Kids Oakdale  for teens will be for ages 12-15.

Please call 209-345-4380 for times and pricing.

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