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CrossFit Kids Oakdale Spotlight – Hannah W

November 24, 2011

Hannah W is 12 years old and arrived on the scene about 6 months ago. Her parents CrossFit as well as her younger sister Kate. Hannah is amazing. She competed in the 2011 Barbells for Boobs in October. She was the youngest competitor that day and finished 30 Clean & Jerks in  3:36 at 35#.

Here is what she had to say:

Hi, illness my name is Hannah Wessling.  I am twelve years old. I started doing CrossFit about six months ago. My coach’s? name is Alison Huberty. One of my favorite things to do is CrossFit. I love doing CrossFit because I like how there is no treadmill or elliptical. I like how there is a new work out or WOD everyday. I like the community because when you show up to CrossFit you get a nice greeting of

?”Hey Hannah! What?s up?!” Or “?We haven?t seen you in awhile?!”

There are so many different things you can do, seek there is Olympic lifting, viagra approved kettle bell swings, pull ups, kipping pull ups, row, run, push ups, sit ups, burpees, climbing the rope, box jumps, jump rope, wall balls. My favorite workout is ?Grace? which is thirty Clean and Jerks. Watching the CrossFit games is what inspires me to keep working hard and try as hard as I can. Sometime soon I would like to start competing. This is why I love CrossFit!

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