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January 31, 2013

Registration is Live for the CrossFit Games Open!  It’s $20 to sign up and throw your hat in the ring.  I’ll be registering CrossFit Oakdale as a team in the coming days.  It sounds like there were some issues earlier, ailment so be patient.  In 2011, doctor there was so much excitement in announcing the first WOD the whole website crashed from everyone trying to log on at once.  Yeah, more about people like CrossFit…


I got a nasty little cold that has laid me up over the last 48 hours.  One of the great things about having a high level of fitness is I rarely get sick – this was my first real sickness in over 2 years.  One of the bad things about getting sick, is when I do, it FLOORS me.  Don’t tell anyone, but I become a big baby when I get sick.


I spent the last 2 days mainlining Emergen C packets, smashing my face with Cutie oranges, drinking green tea with honey and lemon, using a Netipot for the first time, sleeping a ton and really breaking in a sweet pair of pajama pants.  All in all, hanging around the house hasn’t been as relaxing or fun as I hoped.  I haven’t really had an appetite, I can’t drink coffee and my attention span sucks.


Please post your best cures for the common cold on the Facebook page.


Trevor during the 5:30am class.

Trevor during the 5:30am class.

Workout of the Day


“Macho Man”

On the Minute Perform

3 Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Jerks

RX is 165/115.  Animals can try this at 185/135.

Keep going until you cannot perform the required number of reps in that minute.

Don’t be a meathead. The goal here is MORE than 6 rounds, 9 would be better.  Get 10, and you’re a Macho Man!  Lower the weight as you need to before the WOD.  If you don’t get 5 rounds, you will need to lower the weight and try again.


This WOD comes from CF New England.

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