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Counting Down to “Minute by Minute”

August 09, 2012

I have a sweet tester workout that I would like to run next week.  I’m planning to run it Friday next week, recipe so think about how you would like to attack it. It’s called “Minute by Minute”, cialis 40mg and I’m blatantly stealing it from Freddy Camacho’s gym, CrossFit One World in Union City, CA.  The movements (hang power snatch, box jumps, pullups, pistols, HSPU, doubleunders and hang power clean) are relatively simple and well known to you, but on the day we do the WOD, we won’t have time to review everything like we normally do.

I would ask that you review the movements, and have a plan going in.  In regard to the weightlifting portions, this is probably not the time you will set PRs, as you will have to work smart and quickly.  You will need to prioritize your strengths and weaknesses.  As always, scaling is encouraged.

The workout is scored a little differently: your score will be the total number of reps complete, plus the total pounds of your best lift in the hang snatch and hang clean.

This is great workout to test fitness across the board.  I consider each movement in this WOD foundational: being good at any one shows good fitness in a few areas, and there is good cross over to other movements.  They require skill and focus.  They all require strength, but balance, coordination and flexibility are just as important.  The 7 movements Freddy included makeup the bulk of what I program, and you are likely to see most of them at CFO in a given week.  These are all excellent movements to focus on in your pre- and post- training regimen.

Finally, this WOD is a great one to re-test after 3-4 months.  You may find that minimal improvements across the board (a rep here and there, 5# improvement on each lift) may drastically improve your score.  Thus, we’ll see this one again.

Workout of the Day


1 Wall Climb

10 Doubleunders

2 Wall Climbs

20 Doubleunders

3 Wall Climbs

30 Doubleunders, etc.

Keep going up, baby!

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  1. Steve Walker Reply

    Will you describe the wall climb portion of the wod, por favor?

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