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Congrat's to our Masters!

November 04, 2014

In case you need some reminding, approved we have some pretty badass Master’s Athletes at CFO.

June, visit web Denny and Robin recently participated in the second iteration of the Master’s Functional Fitness WODs.  This second go around, the WODs were a little more balanced and it looked like a fun week (or two).

Denny and June each scored 2 top 10 finishes.

Robin dominated once again, with 3 1st place finishes and 3 second place finishes.  Oh, and it’s her birthday.

Great job folks!

Deadlift Circle…of death? NO! FUN!

Deadlift Circle…of death? NO! FUN!

Workout of the Day



Heavy Set of 5, Week 6 of 8

Use 8-9 sets to build to your set of 5.  Things should be very heavy by now.  If you are like me, you may be adding smaller weights, like 5# or even holding your number for to really own.  Really use those sets, especially the heavy one, to get to that big number.



11 Cleans 115/75

11 Burpee Box Jumps 20 inch for men and women

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