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Clovis. Wow! REALLY!?!?

November 24, 2012

Though I missed “Clovis” today due to Mommy duties (cub scout field trip), erectile I was thrilled to see so many people take part in what seemed like a very intimidating WOD. As we pulled into the parking lot to drop off a bike, information pills I was in awe of the amount of cars in the parking lot and people running, abortion biking, jumping around. The energy was high and smiles were everywhere.

Our parking lot was as full as a shopping mall parking lot on Black Friday. Oh wait. It IS Black Friday. So on a day where most people decide to get up and troll the stores over 30 people decided to run 10 miles and do 150 burpee pullups. Amazing!  We are so proud of the growing, supportive community of CrossFit Oakdale.

I wanted to share the pictures that were shared with me. If anyone else has some pictures, please share them!


Workout of the Day

9am Bring a Friend

Cleans will be the barbell movement.  We will put together WOD when everyone gets in.

10am Advanced

20min to build to a heavy Snatch

20 min to build to a heavy Clean and Jerk



Snatch 185

Clean and Jerk 225

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