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CFO Squat Club, Explained

October 02, 2017

So – more on our Squat Club.  We did some heavy squats on Monday.  Tuesday’s suggested work is very simple: accumulate 5 minutes in a squat.  You can do this watching TV, at the gym or at the office.  If you can sit for 5 whole minutes, great!  If this is uncomfortable, use your phone timer and start and stop when your break your squat.  If possible, try this bear foot to see what your feet do while squatting.  Just try to relax in this position – it’s great to stretch your hips, knees and ankles.

For today’s strength, focus on that pause.  Do not sacrifice position for weight on the bar.  If you need to lower from the suggested weight, do it.

Hats are in! $22

Workout of the Day

Pause Deadlift

Pause for 2 seconds just below the knee

10 at 55%, 10 at 60%, 7 at 65%, 7 at 70%, 3 at 75%, 3 at 80%



25 Shoulder to Overhead 75/45

10 Chest to Bar Pullups

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