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Breanne Ash Photography

September 24, 2012

Breanne Ash did a photo shoot at CrossFit Oakdale this weekend.  After reviewing the pictures, approved I think we found out Breanne is a super talented lady!  And her assistant, Mike Ash, is a pretty good helper too.  Alison and I have a tremendous amount of fun at the gym: we draw strength from the energy you bring.  We try to take pictures to capture you in your moments of effort – we know the effort you put forth, we’d like to share those memories with you in pictures, and we try to give you one every day that we post.  But truthfully, we’re not artists.


Breanne’s photos capture things that I know are there, but are hard to articulate.  The focus, strength (both inside and out), determination and camaraderie (my favorite part) jump off Breanne’s photo’s and show us at our best.  If you haven’t, please enjoy her photos on Facebook.


CrossFit Oakdale athletes have a big weekend ahead.  Several of us are participating in the Proanox Diamond of the Tough Competition in Santa Cruz on Saturday and some athletes are taking on the Tough Mudder on Sunday in Diablo Grande.  Some crazy people are doing both – I’m one of them.  Be smart this week, get plenty of rest, mobilize, hydrate and think about cutting workouts down.  If you’re competing in either event, ask a Coach, and we’ll share our thoughts on getting prepped.  Hydration and good sleep are key.


We haven’t done the Shoulder Press in…forever.  Well, let’s address our pressing power.  Unlike all the Olympic Lifting we’ve been doing, NO HIPS or KNEE BEND.  Strict press, baby.  I think you’ll be surprised how fast this one goes.

Tricia with the Kettlebell in the Bottom’s Up Position

Workout of the Day

Max Effort Monday

Shoulder Press





12 Pushups

21 Squats

Shuttle Run

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