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Breaking Through

April 01, 2013

Lat week during the Open, prostate we had a few breakthroughs with muscle ups – at least 3 athletes got their first within a week of 13.3.  Denny, Justin M, and Tricia all got up and over the rings.  Great job guys!

We saw some major breakthroughs this week on the Toe To Bar.

Janet S. has been coming to CFO since nearly the beginning.  Janet has a been doing really well in the Open this year, but she knew she had a weakness coming – pullups and toes to bar.  Janet has been persistent with her goal of a pull-up.  She’s worked the progressions, the bands, and auxiliary strength movements.  This week, Janet got her first pull-up!  She says it was a baby one, but dammit, it’s 1.  And 1 is better than none.

Janet took on 13.4 knowing that Toe To Bar were another struggle.  She banged through 3 clean and jerks and got to the bar, never having fully accomplished touching her toes to the bar.  On her first attempt, Janet got a Toe to Bar!  BOOMSAUCE!  Janet spent the rest of WOD trying to get TTB #2, which never happened, but that’s OK.  She got one, and now she knows what it feels like.

Gloria and Rita had similar experiences in 13.4.  Rita had never really fully accomplished a TTB, but got her first true TTB on this WOD.  Gloria PR’ed her Clean and Jerk, hitting 95# once in her original attempt.  Gloria wasn’t satisfied with here first attempt, came back on Saturday and got 10 – meaning she lifted her PR 7 times in this WOD!

Derek is another CFO Athlete who had never gotten his toes to bar. He is fairly new to CrossFit and has grown as an athlete in a short time. Not only did he get one T2B but scored a 35 on 13.4. Make sure you check out his custom nanos…TEAM CFO!

THIS IS WHY I LOVE THE OPEN.  Yes, many of us are extremely motivated to get better.  But, when that WOD posts on Wednesday night, you have no other choice than to make it happen.

There’s something so special about accomplishing something you never have in your life.  It’s crazy how you struggle and struggle, then once you make it, it’s like the mystery is gone.  I’ve seen Tricia and Denny bang out muscle ups like pro’s in the past few days.  I look forward to Janet, Rita  and Derek owning that bar with pullups and toes to bar and Gloria moving 95# like a piston.




Workout of the Day


Max Effort Monday

High Bar Back Squat

Find 1 Rep Max



FGB style, 1 minute stations

DB Thruster, 35/25  (DB in each hand)

Shuttle Sprint

KB Snatch, 53/35 recommended


Abmat Situp

Each Station is 1 minute.  Keep a running count of reps.  After 1 round, you get a minute of rest. Repeat for a second 5 minute round.


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  1. Ashley Dahlgren Reply

    Whoohoo! Up’d my High Bar Back Squat PR by 35lbs tonigh! I love how my body has been improving in the 2 1/2 months I’ve been doing this!! Thank you crossfit Oakdale!!

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