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Bent arms absolutely (place word here).

July 16, 2012

Alison and I just got a copy of Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, sick 3rd Edition.  I hate to admit that it took me this long to getting around to reading it.  I love Rip’s simple approach, medical and I would highly recommend Rip’s program to anyone that is looking to get stronger (although we don’t do his program).  It is BUILT, and I mean perfectly built, for a teenage athlete.

The 4 lifts make up Rip’s program: the Squat, the Bench Press, the Deadlift and the Power Clean.  Rip clearly and concisely explains why these 4 lifts make up his program.  Rip is a no BS guy, and if you deviate, he will explain you aren’t doing HIS program.  Enjoy some Rip quotes.

Rip HATES bent arms on the clean and the deadlift.  To quote Rip, “Bent arms absolutely suck.”  I watched the CrossFit Games this weekend, and along with amazing feats of strength, endurance and heart, I saw a lot of cleans and snatches.  And I saw a lot of bent arms.  As the Games athletes showed, you can still make lifts, but you are not being as efficient as possible.

The goal of all this work from the hang is to get our arms nice and straight on the lifts.  That way, we’re using our hips.

Wednesday’s WB madness.  More fun is planned on Tuesday…

Workout of the Day

Max Effort Monday

Hang Clean and Jerk

The lift begins from the floor, but you must stop at the hang.


3 Rounds

1 Minute of Hang Clean and Jerks, 95/65

1 Minute of Burpees

Rest 2 minutes

Add up your reps for your score.

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