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Benchmark Tuesday “Jackie”

July 27, 2015

Tuesday’s benchmark Girl is “Jackie.”  Jackie is an aerobic test, view especially if you have it in your mind that you can complete the pull-ups in big chunks or unbroken.  It is deceptively simple and relatively short.

First, we will do this WOD in waves.  As we only have 4 rowers, the faster athletes should go first, as they will clear the rower.

My recommendation for Jackie is – you need to be hot and sweaty before you start.  You do not want the first time you feel the burn of lactic acid or your lungs fight for air to be 20 thrusters into your set of 50.

This may be a relatively short WOD with nothing heavy, but it will demand that you move fast.  Even worse, it demands that you move fast as it progresses.  My strategy is fast, faster, fastest.  For the row, you want to row a nice pace to start.  Pick a target pace to hold, and hold it.  You should not be fatigued coming off the rower, but relatively fresh.  For the thrusters, pick up the bar and do 50 straight at a pace that will allow you to complete it unbroken – or in as few sets as possible.  You are going fast here, but for your best time, you will need to keep pull-ups in the back of your mind.

Once you get to the pull-ups, put your foot on the gas and go as fast as you can.

From experience, I would row 500 easy, then 500 hard.  I would then do 5 sets or so of 5 pull-ups and 5 heavier thrusters than the WOD – like 55 to 75.  That can be done OTM for 5.  Finally, I would finish with a lung opener, like 20 Burpees, 15 Thrusters, 10 Pullups.  Then rest for 5 minutes and start the WOD.



Workout of the Day


1000m Row

50 Thrusters 45# bar

30 Pullups

20 min cap

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