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Being There

November 06, 2012

Being There by Robert D. Kaplan.

Non-fitness reading today, web but well worth your time.  The Atlantic is my favorite magazine, and the title jumped off the page at me.  Being There is the title of one of my favorite albums by Wilco and a great film staring Peter Sellers.  Maybe it’s the title, but both are classics.  In my mind at least.


If you’ve ever been distracted by your smartphone when you should have been living in the moment, you should read this.  That’s probably everyone.

Team Jerkface…oops I mean Team CFO.


Workout of the Day



High Bar Back Squat

Build to a heavy 3 in 20 minutes.



3 Round, for reps


Box Jump 24/20


Each round is one minute, FGB style.  Keep a running count of you reps for each round.  There will be 1 minute of rest between rounds.  We’ll add em up at the end.

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