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September 24, 2018

I’m back into the sports movie kind of mood.  Here’s section 3 of 4.

Rocky knocks out Kicking and Screaming.  I would pay to watch Rocky punch around any dumb character Will Ferrell wants to play.

Bend it Like Beckham squeaks by the highly underrated Creed.  If there is any doubt that I am unbiased, here it is.  I cried in Creed.  Twice.  Once when she told him who his father was and it cut to the title screen.  And once when he got the shorts.  Misting up as I write.

A League of Their Own, perhaps the highest ranking female leading sports film, takes down All the Right Movies.  Who would you rather have as a coach? Nickerson (Craig T. Nelson) or Jimmy Dugan (Hanks)? Both guys were huge dicks…

In a battle of winter olympic dreams USA! USA! USA! beats Jamaica.  Miracle over Cool Runnings.  Russell over Candy.

In a huge upset, the Replacements beats out Moneyball!  I loved Moneyball, but the Replacements brought back Gene Hackman as basically Norman Dale and gave him a Tom Landry hat.  Then, in perhaps the greatest crossover movie ever, Keanu Reeves basically reprises his role as former college football star Johnny Utah to play former college football star, Shane Falco.  It would have blown my mind if Falco was an undercover FBI Agent.  And the drunk, smoking kicker, is, well…the kicker.  “You hold the ball, I’ll kick the bloody piss out of it.”  11 seed takes down a 6 seed.

Borg/McEnroe beats Invictus.  I’ve never seen Invictus.  I probably never will.  I did see Borg/McEnroe and loved it.  I love John McEnroe, and I think Bjorn Borg may have had the best hair of any pro athlete ever.  And we couldn’t include Fletch, which had some tennis and a bit of dream sequence basketball.   So Borg/McEnroe, the only tennis movie in the bracket, represents Alison’s high school sport in the round of 32.

Caddyshack, a highly entertaining comedy that is barely a sports movie, beats what is probably the worst actual sports movie on the list, The Program.  Did anyone actually lay on a highway lane for team cohesion?  Is James Caan the worst coach in movie history? “Are you hurt, or are you injured?”  Sonny Corleone mixed with Bobby Bowden?  Coaching in the SEC?  Da fun? Latimer was pretty sweet, though.

Workout of the Day

21 Squat Snatch 75/55

42 Pushups

15 Squat Snatch

30 Pushups

9 Squat Snatch

18 Pushups

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