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Athlete Spotlight – Meet Ro & Grant!

October 08, 2015

Intro by Coach Tricia

WHO’S WHO at CFO- Grant Ardis and Rolando ‘Ro’ Avila

A BIG shout out to their friend and Kelly

A’s brother, pilule Mark! He introduced these to guys to CFO. We

aren’t sure what happened to Mark but we have a feeling

that he will make his way back to CFO one day ( we hope). I

know Grant and Ro from when they were in high school at

Oakdale High. Grant was a quiet strong guy back then as he

is to this day. And Ro was a pretty good basketball player

and still has a great vertical leap. Both these guys are

getting stronger and motoring faster. Keep it up gentlemen.

It’s a pleasure to have you at CFO. Now here’s more about

Grant and Ro.

How long have you known Grant/Ro and when/where did

you meet him?

GRANT: I’ve known Ro since freshmen year of high school, buy so

about 18 years.

RO: 18 years. I think I meet Grant during my freshmen high school

summer at our football practices. All I remember is that he didn’t say

much and still doesn’t.

How were you introduced to CFO? When did you realize

CrossFit was for you?

GRANT: I was introduced to CFO by a friend Mark, visit Kelly’s brother! I

realized cross fit was for me because there is not much running.

RO: Kelly’s brother Mark asked us to join. Funny thing is Mark never

showed up to any of our first 3 classes. So you can blame Kelly’s

brother who we’re still waiting for to show Lol.

When I started to tell myself you need to get into RX shape.

What is your first impression?

GRANT: My first impression was “this is pretty tough”.

RO: Loved it! I needed something new other than running and playing


What do like best about going to CrossFit Oakdale?

GRANT: My favorite thing about going to CFO is the motivation that

the coaches give! I need a little motivation!

RO: The coaches, timed workouts, and the competitive feel of


I have always wanted to…..

GRANT: I have always wanted to retire on the beach in Mexico.

RO: Travel around the world exploring new places with my friends

aka to Chris the tripod, Derek, and Grant.

One word people use to describe me:

GRANT: One word people use to describe me is “quiet”.

RO: I don’t know ask Grant. I’m sure he’ll say “awesome” !

Outside of the gym I like to…..

GRANT: Hang out with my friends.

RO: Nap, relax, and hangout with my friends.

Three things in my fridge:

GRANT: chicken breast, eggs, Coors Light.

RO: Fruit, milk, Coors Light.

The last thing you ate:

GRANT: A banana.

RO: Turkey Bacon sandwich from Ferrarese’s

Something no one knows about me or would be

surprised to know:

GRANT: That I’m a nice guy! (Grant, we already no that you are

very much a nice guy).

RO: I attended Gavilan College for a year and was on the president’s

honor roll. I know I was shocked too. Also you can find my last name

in Gavilan.

Favorite physical activity outside of CrossFit Oakdale:

GRANT: Favorite outside activity is snow skiing.

RO: Playing in competitive pick-up basketball games and leagues.

Favorite place to eat:

GRANT: El Ranchito.

RO: Ferrarese’s Deli Restaurant

Proudest accomplishment:

GRANT: My proudest accomplishment is being a father.

RO: Graduating from CSU Stanislaus with a BA in social sciences.

If you could invite anybody to dinner:

GRANT: If I could invite anyone to dinner: it would be my friends.

RO: My grandparents.

Favorite workout attire:

GRANT: My favorite workout attire: shorts and a shirt.

RO: KCCO Wingman shirt, shorts, CF lifters.

Ro & Grant

Ro & Grant

Workout of the Day

Strength/Skill, Week 2 of 4

4 Heavy sets of

2 Power Snatch

2 Hang Snatch

2 Overhead Squats

Take 10 minutes or so to get warm, then work 4 heavy sets of this complex.  For the Hang Snatch, squat or power is fine.  The goal is to complete this complex as an unbroken set, but if you drop, just quickly pick it up and go again.  60% is a good starting point.  If it’s sloppy, lower the weight.  If you were happy with the weight last week, add 5#.  But don’t feel like you have too – we are looking for quality, not quantity on the bar.  Rest approximately 2 minutes between working sets.


21 Power Snatch

35 Overhead Squats

21 Power Snatch

Men – 75, Ladies – 55

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