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Are you mental?

February 29, 2012

Mental toughness from Casey Burgener (of the Burgener warm up)!  Great words from brother to sister on mental toughness, ask which Casey defines as commitment. I’ve read this post before, but Tricia’s re-posting really made it sink in. Commitment is easy when you’ve really decided what you want.

FT vs. ST from Talk to Me Johnny. I generally keep strength sets low: I like heavy (but not 1RM) singles, 3s and 5s. I have played with 20RM sets that John is talking about. About a year ago, I attempted 20 at 225. My first time, I got 14 reps, and I went up 1 rep per week for a month to 6 weeks, until I hit 18. That felt easy, so my next set a week later, I went for it and did 225×21. This set left me messed up for 2 weeks.  Surprisingly, my 1 rep max didn’t move, although my squatting (thrusters and OHS at light weight especially) got more efficient and powerful.

CrossFit Games WOD 12.2 drops at 5pm Wed. If you’re around Wed night, we’ll hit this up and test it out if you’re interested. I posted this on FB, but don’t feel compelled to repeat WODs. It works for me, but not for everyone. It’s emotionally (not to mention physically) tough to match a full effort back to back, usually for such a little reward (1 or 2 reps). Don’t let this stuff beat you down. Definitely practice the movements.  See how they fit together and how your strengths and weaknesses play out.   Then hit it hard Saturday at 10.


Bob’s commitment reminder.  Every time you look down, remember what you’re about.

Workout of the Day

400m run
20 Wallball Shots 20/14
10 Pullups
This is a riff on a recent CrossFit.com WOD. If you want to use the rower, sub 300m row.

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