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A Thousand Cuts

March 01, 2012

The Thousand Cuts Fitness program.  This was how I trained as a young man, ampoule especially a teenager.  My brother (who is a Navy SEAL now) and I would watch TV, more about and we would alternate between sit-ups and pushups during commercial breaks.  We had a pull-up bar in the doorway to my bedroom, and we had a 5 pull-up rule every time you entered or exited the room.  I had a couple sets of dumbbells, and we were always doing complexes, like bicep curl into shoulder press.  We probably didn’t squat enough, but, c’mon, we were teenagers.  We “worked out” in sessions, but we were constantly doing something, in relatively short bursts.


When I went to my agency’s academy, classes were generally organized in 50 minute increments, with 10 minute breaks.  My roommate, who was a Force Recon Marine, decided in order to get better at pushups and sit-ups, we would do at least 20 during each break.  We called this “greasing the groove”, which I’m sure we stole, as I’ve seen this term used since.


I don’t do this anymore, not because I don’t think you should, but because it would annoy my co-workers.  That’s probably wrong.  Like the author describes, grown ups no longer feel comfortable expressing themselves physically.  That’s good for a sense of order, but it sure hurts that sense of fitness and fun.  I would love to jump over park benches and climb trees (or climbing walls), but people might think I’m a crazy person.

Workout of the Day



Heavy Kettlebell Swings

Spend 10 Minutes swinging the heaviest KB you can.  Safely.




5 Wall Climbs (3 for ladies)

15 Kettlebell Swings 55/35

30 Double Unders

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