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5:30am is the New 6am and Odds and Ends

August 13, 2012

ATTENTION The 6am Class is now the 5:30am class.


There are some odds and ends I’d like to go over.  I’m not calling anyone out, cheap and for the most part, viagra dosage everyone’s behavior has been exemplary.  Keep doing what you do, physician but keep this stuff in mind.



With the kettle bell challenge in “full swing” and CFO Athletes looking to get better, we have a ton of people doing extra work.  WE ENCOURAGE EXTRA WORK.  You are doing a great job with this.  Please remember our priority is the class that is taking place.  Classes get first dibs on equipment.  Once again, people do a great job of doing their extra work as not to be a distraction.  Grunting, crashing weights while a class is warming up, etc.  Stuff like this happens, but remember this is everyone’s time.  This can be an issue after the 5:30pm class, as a lot of people are finishing as a lot of people are starting.  Just be mindful of others.



I am a big fan of dropping weight.  On many occasions, it’s the safest way for an athlete to return the bar to the ground.  BUT, if you have metal plates or 10# bumpers alone on the bar, we ask that you refrain from dropping the weights.  The 10# bumpers are thin, and will bend and break over time.  I’ve noticed some cracks on the 10#s.

Even with a loaded barbell, be aware on your bar drops.  Please, as you drop, keep your hands close to the bar, guiding it down to the ground.  This will provide a truer bounce, and will allow you to get on the bar quicker.  This is especially true on overhead lifts (OHS, Snatch, Jerk).  Please do not intentionally drop the bar behind you.  I’ve done it before, and it looks sweet, but if you drop a bar on somebody, you’re gonna feel bad.



Chalk is very useful.  Use it, but use it sparingly.  Maybe it’s the kettle bell challenge, but I have been finding chalk surprises all over the gym.  Also, please apply chalk to the hands, not directly to the barbells, kettlebells, pull-up rig or rings.



There is a box on top of the blue cubby with lost items.  If you think you lost something, please check it.  It you haven’t lost something, please check it.



We are looking forward to the Karen Meets Grace fundraiser at CrossFit Parabellum.  If you are interested, it’s a $35 donation per person.  Register through the link I provided.  Please sign up at the gym so we know who is going.


24 of CrossFit Oakdale’s Finest Rafters…or swimmers…ready to brave the Stanislaus River. Good Times had by ALL!

Workout of the Day



Max Effort Monday

Hang Squat Clean




50 Doubleunders

30 Squats

1 Suicide Sprint

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