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Less than a week to go!

February 08, 2012

We are approaching the end of our Paleo Challenge, physician with less than a week to go.  It’s been fun to read people experiences on the Google Doc and to share thoughts and experiences.  Are you planning on continuing the Paleo lifestyle?  I’m not sure ‘diet” is the right word for it.  I’ll be up front: I cheated before and following the Fresno comp, unhealthy but by that point, link it wasn’t like  HAD to cheat.  I definitely took a week to 2 weeks to adjust my insulin levels, but now they’re very steady.  I don’t foresee big changes when this ends, but I will admit: I dreamt about dessert last night.  Weird.

An Almost Paleo Week from CrossFit Invictus.  Epic Paleo post!

Failure is Fertilizer.  Another excellent post by CrossFit Invictus.  The attached video is worth watching.  I used to find stuff like this corny, but the mental aspect of what we are, in fitness and life, is so important.

Workout of the Day


12 Sets of 2, 85% of 1RM



Run to Fence and Back

10 Burpees

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