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Setting goals, Open Gym and 6am (Mon, Wed, Fri)

December 19, 2011

Alison and I went down to CrossFit Ventura with Tricia W over the weekend to attend the CrossFit Goal Setting Seminar.  It was a solid seminar, recipe with simple, effective techniques to improve the mental game of fitness.

But guess what?  It was REALLY about how to be better at life.  The skills of being a positive, strong person (a leader) need to be trained just like fitness.  The really cool part is that lessons learned in the gym can be applied to life, and the lessons learned in life can be applied to the gym.  And back again.  I’ve always known this; it was cool to hear someone else say it.

I feel like I walked into this training prepared, and receptive to the message.  Sometimes it’s hard to look inward.  It’s hard to speak your true feeling and goals out loud, but it feels pretty important and empowering.  I’ve always been interested in and studied warrior cultures and mindsets.   Truthfully, it has only been in the last year or so that I really began applying these skills and drills to the “game” of CrossFit.  And in turn, to the “game” of life.  In the past, these positive effects were just a by product of the work, but now, for me, it’s part of getting better.  Being a champion of the mind.

Like any good training, I think it will take some time to let the ideas presented take hold in our minds and come out in our actions.

One subject that came up early and often was goals and the need to work on them.  Starting Monday, and going forward every Monday thru Thursday, CrossFit Oakdale will have Open Gym from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.  You can use this opportunity to work on weaknesses, strength, gymnastics, catch up on WODs and more.  We want to keep this time laissez-faire, so coaches will be around, but it’s more about YOU.

Also, we will only be holding 6am classes on Monday. Wednesday and Friday until interest builds.  If you are interested in a 6am class, please sign up thru MindBody before 10pm the night before.

Alison, Tricia and I with Greg Amundson at CrossFit Ventura.

Workout of the Day



3 sets of 5

Use 3 sets to warm up, then do 3 heavy sets of 5



10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65

10 Ring Dips

Subs are Ring Dips are: Jumping Ring Dips, Pushups, Pushups from the knees

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