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2012 Open Snatch WOD

October 30, 2014

Thursday’s WOD is a fun one – if you like to Snatch.  It is from the CrossFit Games 2012 Open.  As a gym owner and a coach, price it was one of the most fun WODs ever because so many people PR’ed lifts after performing a bunch of Snatches.  Whether it was hitting 135 or 165 for the first time, over and over, we got to cheer each other on to greater and greater feats of strength.

This WOD is performed with 1 bar – you will need to change out weights.  For guys, I recommend loading the bar with 15s, and having 45s very close.  When you complete 135, reload the bar with the 15s, giving you 165.  If you think you can hit 210, keep those weights handy.

For ladies, you have a couple of options.  If you use the 45# bar, the first 30 reps only need to pass below your knee.  Keep 15s close and load, and for the reps of 100, throw on 10s and 2.5s.  If you hit 120, throw on a couple of 10s.

If you are using the 33, load the bar with 5s to make the approximate 45.  Once, you have done this, the loading will be the same as above.

Keep your area neat with your weights neatly stacked or set up for safety and ease of loading the bar.  Be especially careful while dropping the lighter lifts, as these weights tend to skitter more than the heavy loads.

Take your time to mobilize and warm up your lifts.  I would try to hit the weight you think you may hit a couple of times.

I think this is ideally performed in an “I go/you go” fashion.  Meaning, I do the whole WOD, you count and judge for me, then you perform the whole WOD, and I count/judge for you.  It gets tough to count in the 20s and up.

Top of the box…aware of the camera:)

Top of the box…aware of the camera:)

Workout of the Day

Open WOD 12.2


30 Snatch 75/45

30 Snatch 135/75

30 Snatch 165/100

As many Snatch as possible in remaining time 210/120

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