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2010 Clean/Ring HSPU, minus the Ring

July 08, 2015

I changed the Thursday WOD earlier this week.  I hard originally planned to do the Double Pyramid Helen from the 2010 Games.  After the 125 pull-ups from 2007 on Monday, information pills another high rep pull up WOD was probably too much.

So, viagra order we’ll do the Clean/Ring HSPU from the 2010 Games instead.  Except we’re not doing ring HSPU.  We’ll stick with strict HSPU, with men using a deficit of approximately 4 inches (a 45# plate).

Why no ring HSPU?  Well, even for really good athletes, it’s a pretty sketchy.  Just watch the video and see how the very best athletes in CrossFit flail around.

I have done ring HSPU at the OC Throwdown in 2012 and it was a bloodbath.  I work a beanie cap on my head so I could use my head as a brake.  Not smart.

I had not met Nick Z yet, but he was at the OC Throwdown competing from his gym in Scottsdale.  Nick popped all the blood vessels in his eyes pushing against the rings.  Let’s keep the white of our eyes the white of our eyes.

Finally, strict HSPU are the best way to improve your HSPU, even with the kip.  Treat the kip as a skill in your training, and try to work the strict version whenever possible.  The strict version I find to be safer, as you lower your body and load lighter on your head, whereas you tend to load and brake on your head whilst doing quick kipping HSPU.  Like Inspecta Deck of Wu Tang says, protect your neck.

Workout of the Day

“2010 Clean/HSPU”


3 Cleans 205/135

4 Strict Handstand Pushups (Men use 45# plate for deficit)

10 minute cap

The sub for strict HSPU is kipping.  If you don’t have kipping HSPU, do a wall climb with a 5 second handstand hold.

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