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April 05, 2018

I call this workout 18.4B.  The B is for Brian, because I made it.  18.4 was all Deadlift, which we have replaced with the Power Clean.  We won’t make the barbell weight increase – instead of getting heavy, keep the weight the same, and move the bar fast.

The gymnastic subs will be the same as 18.4 – hand release PU for HSPU and bear crawls for HS walks.  If you have scaling version of the HSPU – abmats or pike, go ahead and use them.  If you are doing HSPU, be mindful of the new, more demanding standard.  It is impossible to judge yourself, but keeping the hands close, maintaining a tight mid line, and keeping the feet tight and together are good cues to keep you on point.

Finally, the bear crawl is a good replacement for the HS walk.  But if you want to kick into a Handstand every 5 feet, that is cool too.

Anyone wanna guess my 18.5 mashup?

Workout of the Day


Power Clean 135/95

Handstand Pushup (sub is Hand Release Pushups)



Power Clean 135/95

50′ Handstand Walk after each round of Cleans (sub is 50′ bear crawl)

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