Working on Weaknesses


Working on Weaknesses

On Saturday the Whole Life Challengers will be celebrating the end of their 8 week challenge with a party out at Cafe Bravo at 5pm. Feel free to come and high five them!

Workout of the Day

Strength/Skill, capsule Week 1 of 6

2 Snatch OTM for 7 minutes

Take 10 minutes to warm to 70% of your 1RM them perform the OTM (14 total Snatch).  Focus on what you need to work on. For some the movement may be enough, nurse for others, cialis 40mg it may be focusing on receiving in an OHS position.  For others it may be receiving in a Power position.  Others may want to try a pause at the knee.  Have fun, lift heavy, and work on weaknesses. 


5 Rounds, for Reps

Overhead Squat 75/55 for 40 Seconds

Rest for 20 Seconds

Kettlebell Swing 53/35 for 40 Seconds

Rest for 20 Seconds