Will the real deal paleo please stand up???


Will the real deal paleo please stand up???

14.2 drops at 5pm – we will have a test run at 6:30pm if you are interested.  For the first time in like, buy information pills forever, medicine I can’t make it due to work.  I’m going to do the WOD on Friday to test it out, shop homies.  My guess – a repeat of 12.3.
How to Eat a Plant Based Diet and Not Die of Malnutrition from CrossFit Invictus.  This is a decent article if you haven’t spent some time on the Paleo diet.
BUT…I was intrigued by the title because I thought there would be some additional insight besides “eat plants.”  There wasn’t.  I was curious about the “malnutrition” part as it effects performance.  When I have followed a paleo/primal diet, for the first couple of weeks I feel great.  As I continue to live the CrossFit lifestyle of challenging activity, I usually find it hard to fuel with carb sources and work in the gym suffers.  Adding fat helps, but I personally eat the same thing over and over – nuts and avocados.
That’s the main I reason I began following the Zone diet, as it forces you into a state of protein/carb/fat balance.
Is there anyone out there that follows a strict paelo diet, continues to have a ton of energy, and is just crushing it everyday?

Patty PR's here Clean and Jerk!

Patty PR’s her Clean and Jerk!

Workout of the Day
Run 400m
15 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
3/2 Wall Climbs
If it is raining, I have a sub for running. Muhahahahaha!