Whole Life Challenge 2015


Whole Life Challenge 2015

For the past 8 weeks, shop including  HALLOWEEN, more about 25 people made a commitment to improving themselves on a whole. They focused on nutrition, here exercise, mobility, hydration, supplementation, reflection and a lifestyle improvement. 
This particular challenge allowed us to enter scores in online, chat amongst ourselves or other people participating in the challenge worldwide. This forum brought our teammates together, creating a small community within our already amazing community of CrossFit Oakdale.
The scores were calculated based on points earned within the 7 focuses, measurements (only 2 of the ones I took) and baseline WOD improvement.
*Out of 1,715 teams that put points on the leaderboard, CrossFit Oakdale ranked 561. 
*After final measurements (more than just the two WLC uses) we (15 people) lost 82# – Avg. 5.5# per person
*After final measurements we (15 people) lost 97.25″ – Avg. 6.5″ per person
*Every single person who completed the final baseline WOD improved by over 18 repetitions
I am sure that we have all come out of this as winners, taking away new skills, recipes and different ways of thinking, there are some prizes to give away.
I found this comment from our third place winner on the WLC forum: “This was a great challenge. It did what it promised and I have adopted new lifetime habits. The higher energy, mental alertness and better health it gave me, made it all worth while. I’m happy to keep up the habits and glad I don’t have to remember to log my score anymore!!!”
Rachelle lost 9# and 7.5″ overall. She also added 20 reps to her workout and had a total of 644 points! Congratulations Rachelle! 
The positivity and excitement from our 2nd place winner makes me smile every day! This comes from Gina: “Last Mulligan down! We’re in the home stretch guys! Everybody’s doing such a great job!”
Gina lost 15.4# and 14.25″ overall. She also added 39 reps to her workout and had a total of 703. If you recognize her when you find her give her a big high five!
Our first place winner held off temptation well throughtout : “So had all day meetings yesterday and coworkers were trying to force me to eat krispy kreme donuts!!! I’m really glad (and surprised) that I held out!! I am feeling so much lighter and better during my workouts that I don’t want to screw it up :)”
Kelly lost 8.6# and 11.75″ overall. She also added 35 reps to her workout and finished with 705 points to her score. Big hugs to Kelly!
Honorable mentions go out to Lizzie who scored the highest with 715. She only lost a few nutrition points in the end. Great job Lizzie! Jackie came in a 714 points – with a perfect nutrition score of 280. Great job Jackie!
I love to see people take on these challenges and crush all doubts they had about changing themselves. As a group we can make easy work out of a tough obstacle. We had a fun night out last week at Cafe Bravo to celebrate. I look forward to seeing the changes continue as they keep on their new paths.
On to the holiday season!

"Rocky & the Rowinkles" and "World's Okayest Rowers" participated in the Ericlee Memorial Row-a-Thon at CrossFit Walnut Creek this weekend.

“Rocky & the Rowinkles” and “World’s Okayest Rowers” participated in the Ericlee Memorial Row-a-Thon at CrossFit Walnut Creek this weekend.

Workout of the Day
Clean & Jerk
10 minutes to warm up to 70% of your 1RM (not week 3 of 3 due to the shortened week)
OTM for 7M 2 Clean & Jerks
30 DU * 
15 Power Cleans 95/65
12M Cap
*sub 60 singles