Weightlifting Seminar – June 20th with Charles Shipman


Weightlifting Seminar – June 20th with Charles Shipman

Charles Shipman, web also known as Uncle Charles, what is ed will be at CFO on June 20, 2015 for an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar.  The cost is $115 ($100 if you sign up before June 10th) and the seminar will last all day Saturday.  Expect to break down the lifts, lift heavy and learn a lot.  Charles is weightlifter from California Strength, one of the top weightlifting teams in the country.  Not only does Charles coach national level weightlifting athletes, but he coaches many CrossFit athletes – of all levels.  Charles has coached many CrossFit Games Regional athletes and is very experienced and knowledgable on how the lifts apply to CrossFit.
Not only is ole’ Uncle Charles a great coach, he’s a pretty funny dude.  It will be a great day of lifting heavy, learning, and having fun.
And one more thing – the skills you pick up in a session like this may help you PR that day.  But you will learn tools and nuances of the lift that will lead to moving bigger weight more efficiently.
Inquire with Alison about signing up.

Thanks to all who joined for today's Memorial Day WOD!

Thanks to all who joined for today’s Memorial Day WOD!

Workout of the Day
3 working sets of 2 Position Snatch (Low then High)
Take 10 minutes to get warm, then work the 3 heavy sets.  You may work the low position Below or Above the Knee.  The High Position is Mid Thigh.  Target weight is 70% of 1RM.
Front Squat
3 sets of 8
After the Snatch, quickly work up to a working set of 8, in 3-4 sets.  Again, starting point WAS 60% of 1RM.  You may have added 10-20# over the course of the 4 weeks.
With a 10 minute cap
50 Abmat Situps
50 Wallball Shots 20/14
40 Abmat Situps
40 Wallball Shots
30 Abmat Situps
30 Wallball Shots