Weekly Update


Weekly Update

Another CrossFit Games is in the books. If you are under the CrossFit Rock, treatment Rich Froning, online Jr. took first for 3rd year and Sam Briggs won it for the women.  Make sure to check out the archived footage. The “Worm”, the one armed snatch, and a ton of motivation can be seen on the Games site. I am sure Brian will break down the weekend for you…I could tell he was as giddy as a schoolboy through texting this weekend.
Wednesday we will be seeing “Rahoi” as our benchmark WOD.
Thursday 7:30pm Express Class – 30 minutes
Alison will be putting in the final headcount for the Modesto Nuts Baseball Game tomorrow morning. If you want in, text 345-4380 or send a message to her on Facebook. $13 includes seat plus 90 minute tritip buffet. It will be Star Wars night and kids can dress up, run bases after the game and enjoy the fireworks. Game is August 3rd.
August 3rd will also be the second “Total”ly CrossFit lifting day. We had amazing PR’s last time…AND NOW WE HAVE THE BELL! It will be a ton of fun.

Catching up with friends, watching some pretty fit people exercise...what did you do this weekend?

Catching up with friends, watching some pretty fit people exercise…what did you do this weekend?

Monday July 29th, 2013
12 m AMRAP
60 Pushups (buyin)
10 Cleans 165/105
30 Double Unders
Clean Pull Double – Heavier than last week