Weekend Recap – CFMHTD


Weekend Recap – CFMHTD

Team CFO was down in Merced for the CrossFit Merced Holiday Throwdown (CFMHTD) for some competitive exercise on Saturday.  This was our second years at the CFMHTD – last year it was held at the Vista Vineyards, sildenafil this year it was held at the Merced County Fairgrounds.  The CFMHTD is a great event – it is well organized and judged, viagra 60mg the workouts are smart and well thought out and the day moves along smoothly and efficiently.  Over the 3 years they’ve been holding the event, nurse the WODs have been challenging, but not to the point of being obnoxious.  If you are good at CrossFit, you will have a good time at the CFMHTD. I recommend giving this one a go if you’re in town next year.
Paul and Emmaline competed at individuals this year.  Paul continues to chip his way up the leader board at events, with excellent performances in the Row/Snatch, Swinging Cindy and the Doubleunder/Wallball Couplet.  Like many CrossFit events, a bad event can hurt you, and Paul took a hit on a tough sled pull event, keeping him outside of the top 10 (with several Regional level competitors).  Emmaline had a strong showing, showing great improvement on wall balls and double unders while PR’ing her 2k row.
Gloria, Robin and Don made up team Greyhound, with Kirk subbing in for Scott at the last minute.  The Greyhounds did great – there was no Master’s team category – but they complete all the WODs as prescribed and had a great showing on the final WOD of the day.  Robin and Gloria were both knocking out pullups faster that 20 years olds, while Don and Kirk blasted away at the triplet.
Bob, Tricia, Alison and Denny were supposed to make up team 40 and Funky, but Denny broke his foot playing basketball, so I subbed in.  It was a fun day for us – Tricia and I PR’ed our Snatch and Bob and Alison PR’ed their 2k row.  Our highlight of the day was taking 6th in the Big Bob Sled Pulll event.  We pulled the hell out of a very heavy sled, finishing the nasty little event in 45 seconds.

Bob and Tricia on the evil box pushups during "Swinging Cindy"

Bob and Tricia on the evil box pushups during “Swinging Cindy”

Workout of the Day
Week 3 of the Cube
Deadlift, 3 sets of 8 at 60%
Kettlebell Swings Blue/Yellow
Rest 3 minutes
15 minute cap. Once you finish the KB/DU couplet, look at the clock, and record your time.  Rest 3 minutes.  After 3 minutes is up, perform “Annie.”  If you complete both WODs, your score is the time it took to complete WOD 1 and Annie, with the rest included.  If you don’t finish, record the number of reps completed.