Weekend Recap

Congrats to Trevor, medicine Jake and Micayla, view who took third place in the scaled Division at the Turkey Throwdown at CrossFit Excel on Saturday.  The Turtle Heads – yes, Turtle Heads, but it’s not what you think – were very consistent, taking three 3rd place finishes and a 4th place on their way to a comeback finish to make the podium.  The Turtle heads were in 4th place going into WOD 4, a huge couplet of 200 wall ball shots and 200 Toes to Bar.  After early morning PRs on the Front Squat for Trevor and Micayla, along with solid performances on Double Helen and the Airdyne/Sled Push, they needed a strong performance on the WB/T2B slog.  They communicated well, with Jake closing out the last 30 wall ball shots, and transitioning quickly trough sets of 5 Toes to Bar, with Jake and Micayla taking a near perfect run, always hitting their numbers and never costing their team precious seconds, taking home a third place finish, earning the first podium spot for our CFO athletes.  This was a no joke scaled division – scaled athletes hit 300# plus front squats.
Once again, Thomas was an anchor for Alison and my team, hitting a PR on his Front Squat at 225 and crushing the Airdyne WOD for the second week in a row. 
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Workout of the Day
Push Press Milo, Week 4
10 sets of 3, OTM
1 Clean 135/95
2 Pistols
2 Cleans
4 Pistols
3 Cleans
6 Pistols…
Cleans go up by 1, Pistols go up by 2.  If you don’t have Pistols. do walking lunges.