Week of May 12, 2019


Week of May 12, 2019

We had 3 teams compete at “The Reztival” a competition at Resident CrossFit in Modesto on Saturday. Bryce and I competed in RX, father and son Tim and Conner competed in matching red and Alden and his partner, Cody from CrossFit Sonora, competed in the scaled division. Our teams did pretty well against some stiff competition – more on that tomorrow night.

This is week 6 of 9 for out strength progression – we will snatch on Monday, back squat 5 sets of 3 at 72.5% on Tuesday, we will test one of our summer competition workouts on Wednesday (shhhh), clean & jerk on Thursday and be back on the front squat after missing it for a couple of weeks on Friday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our bad ass, CrossFit Mothers out there. A special shout out to Lizzy, who used her fitness to drop in on her skateboard. The ground doesn’t get any softer because you are a mom!

Workout out the Day

OTM 30

Snatch, any style

This is 30 lifts. Your score is the total number of pounds for all the lifts. Get your calculators. Add weight each round, or subtract weight. You only get one shot per minute. and if you miss a lift, it’s a zero.