Week of "Back to School"


Week of "Back to School"

It’s “Back to School” week! No, not for the kids, for CrossFit athletes! Our annual summer fitness comp kicks off on Saturday.

This week, the workouts will do the job of prepping our athletes so they can crush the weekend. Then come see me play at Rivi’s…pretty please?

This week we will clean grip deadlift for the final on Monday, pull-up and dip on Tuesday, do a “Elementary” prep workout on Wednesday (it’s got thrusters) and keep the engine running clean on Thursday and Friday.

Barbell Shrugged explains Tabata

Workout of the Day


Clean Grip Deadlift

5 sets of 3, 77.5%


Tabata Doubleunder

Tabata Power Clean 135/95

Tabata Doubleunder

Same protocol as Friday – this workout is a total of 12 minutes – actually 11:50. But who is counting? Well, we are. Score is lowest of the 3 breaks, for example 31/6/29.