Week of 8 August, 2021


Week of 8 August, 2021

We will continue to get you prepped for the 3’s Company competition coming 28 August. We have over 25 teams signed up and ready to rock, so we will get you ready. We will be starting a clean/front squat cycle next week. The cycle is 10 weeks longs and in the early stages it will not mess with your prep for the comp, so you can train with intensity.

I saw Monday’s movement – the thruster + push press in the wilds of the internet somewhere. We haven’t done thrusters in forever, so do them, but do them weird.

Workout of the Day

Up Ladder

Thruster + Push Press 75/55
Alternating toe to bar – each leg

For example:
1 Thruster + Push press, 1 Right Leg toe to bar, 1 Left Leg Toe to bar
2 Thruster + Push press, 1 R, 1 L, 1 R, 1 L

Thruster + Push Press is the movement , so for 2 you do 1 Thruster + Push Press twice.

Thruster + Push Press – Full Squat with bar in rack position into a push press + push press. That means 2x overhead.

15m Cap