Week of 3/4/19


Week of 3/4/19

Tomorrow we will announce the individual/team point totals as well as the MVP’s of the Big Lebowski week and Hawaiian Week.

This week, starting tomorrow, will be John Hughes Movies Week. (Insert Macauly Culkin “Home Alone” face.) So go raid Barry Manilow’s closet and get your costume on!

Friday night, CrossFit Sonora will be coming down for a little 19.3 Throwdown. Let’s get our potluck on and show them some love. We will restock the fridge with drinks and order some pizzas if you can bring some food to share. They are coming down at 5pm, so heats will begin at 5:30pm-ish.

The next Friday, for 19.4, we will be going up there to complete the workout. There will be a sign up sheet so we can give them a headcount.

Workout of the Day


Bench Press

5 sets of 2, 80% 1RM


OTM 15

1 Power Snatch

1 Squat Snatch

This is a total of 30 lifts across 15 minutes. Easy day. Warm up, choose a weight and stick with it. Let me suggest 135/85. If you are limited by, say your Squat Snatch, know that the Open will identify this. Like, on Thursday. Probably.

Kidding. Kind of. If your limiting factor is the Squat Snatch by a lot, you may want to focus on that lift.