Week of 11 July, 2021


Week of 11 July, 2021

This is our 12th and final week of the Ben Smith Squat Strong program. Over the last 22 sessions you have squatted heavier and heavier, building an outstanding base to go for some big lifts this week. You may have noticed that as the weights got heavier, we did less and less squats. The first 6-8 weeks were very high volume, and the last 4 weeks were heavier and heavier.

If you’re like me, you noticed than as the volume was lowered, you needed too make bigger and bigger jumps. In my last session, I jumped 50-60 pounds in each lift. I never do that. But all the lifting has gotten us ready. All that being said – have plan as you go for PRs. For example, say your best squat is 195. Your warm up look something like 65-65-85-115-135-175…you are now in PR territory. I would shoot for 200 on your second single. The 1RM lifts are merely recommendations – make good decisions, be aggressive and make some lifts.

And if you miss – that’s ok. We’re gonna do the same thing on Friday, and you’ll get another shot at the title.

Workout of the Day

Back Squat for load:
#1: 8 reps @ 30%
#2: 8 reps @ 30%
#3: 5 reps @ 50%
#4: 3 reps @ 70%
#5: 2 reps @ 80%
#6: 1 rep @ 95%
#7: 1 rep @ 102%
#8: 1 rep @ 105%
#9: 1 rep @ 110%


3 Rounds

3 Wall Walks

30 Snap to Hollow