Wednesday 9/29/2020


Wednesday 9/29/2020

Decision Fatigue is something I experience every day. I guess that is why I like CrossFit classes so much – decision is out of my hands. Maybe I get to choose how to modify my workout, but in all honesty, if a coach gives me a recommendation, I would go with that every time. They know the stimulus, they know the best way to recreate the movement that doesn’t work for me at the moment.

I half heartedly joke about how I can’t do burpees. In all honesty, I have done 2 burpee workouts in the past year. One was yesterday, and the other was about a month ago (there were only 30 in the workout.) Before that, I laid on the ground in the Open WOD that had bar facing burpees because vertigo hit. It hit HARD. Nothing like spending an Open workout on the floor when you were ready to go. I am not a WOD repeater. I am a one and done kind of gal.

In future workouts, Coach Denny recommended a ball slam and then toss the ball over the bar as a modification for the bar facing burpee and wowzers it does the trick. Creative and effective, Coach Denny’s idea created the stimulus that was intended for the workout that was before me.

We are truly lucky to have coaches we have around us. Make sure to take advantage of their buff brains and still come into classes even if you can’t do the workout RX.

Life is about the journey to the RX, and not always the RX itself.

Workout of the Day

20 Rep Back Squat – up that weight.

This week and next week – and that is it.