Warning: Prebok CrossFit History Lesson


Warning: Prebok CrossFit History Lesson

I remember this WOD.  It’s simple and brutal.  It’s you versus the barbell.  It’s beautifully elegant.  I did it close to 7 years ago, decease although I can’t remember exactly when.  I remember not doing as well as I thought I would.  It was first posted in 2008 when I was following CrossFit.com nearly 100% of the time at CrossFit Modesto.  We did the daily CrossFit.com workout unless there was an equipment issue or it required a high level of skill – like Muscle Ups.  Then I usually did it by myself.  We didn’t have strength programming, unhealthy Reebok gear, approved or weightlifting shoes.  But we still got really freaking fit.  Even then, we were finding if the WOD was run 5k or 1RM Deadlift, not a lot of people showed up, so we started sprinkling in our own programming.

Based on the WOD’s first appearance in late 2008, I would guess Coach Glassman created this one.  If he did, it was one of his last, as it appears he transitioned away from running the website at this time.  Upon review of the comments section, you can find Coach flaming a CrossFit troll and inviting them to a Level 1 seminar for free (it’s comment 638).  Great stuff.

Chris Spealler and Freddie Camacho posted scores in the 11 round range in 2008.  Jason Khalipa weighed in later in the day with 13 rounds.  There was no leader board, but we basically had an online whiteboard.  Yes, we used to post in the comments section.  By late 2010, Mikko Salo posted a score of nearly 17 rounds.  That is astonishing.

If you check out CrossFit. com for February 10, 2016, you will see a throwback to the same day 15 years earlier and the first CrossFit workout posted on the internet.  It was worth it for me to click and scroll and see how Glassman’s style changed over the years.  It’s like looking at an artist or writers early work to see how it has evolved.

Workout of the Day


5 Thrusters

7 Hang Power Clean

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Men 95, Ladies 65