Want to donate to CrossFit Oakdale Coach but don't know them? Let me help you out.


Want to donate to CrossFit Oakdale Coach but don't know them? Let me help you out.

Fundraising is fun, isn’t it? It has FUN in the word itself. CrossFit Oakdale is trying to raise $$ for Barbells For Boobs by putting our coaches on the line. They agreed, I promise. If you attended classes today, or follow us on instagram, you know that Denny’s  donation jar got LIT UP. And that is not just the hip words we hear in our teen class. Tim and his marketing entourage literally lit up the jar. Best part – Denny is off the grid for the weekend and won’t be able to retaliate until next week. So if you have some extra cash…you know where it should go.
If you are an AM only person you may only know Denny, Brian or me – Alison. You might not even be a member, but love to make people do burpees. In either case, let me introduce you to our coaches:
Alison Huberty
Best known for my Third grade Alison white elephant gifts, I am the one who stocks the fridge, cleans the bathrooms and makes you do a ton of yoga-like warmups. My favorite olympic lift is the power clean. I hate when people bomb dumbbells on the ground and my new favorite Pandora station is No Doubt.

Brian Huberty
This guy has been to more CrossFit Games Regionals/Sectionals than you can count on one hand. He is the one to blame for your strength and fitness. His favorite Pandora stations have been know to be Sturgill Simpson and Pink…all in one class. He is always ready with a smile, a joke and a sports movie bracket. 

Brad Bispo
AKA DJ Dubstep. Former football athlete, now Gallo Rockstar. You can find him coaching on Monday’s at 4:30pm, but you can workout with him at 3:30pm on Monday too.
This tall coach makes light work of Wall Ball shots and rowing. Brad balances work life, CrossFit and is husband so another CrossFit Oakdale Rockstar – Amber and of course, Tanner – that kid is going to kick all of our butts soon.

Chance Clark
Just in case you are wondering – That is his tire. Chance is a day one guy – we have know him since Modesto – CrossFit Modesto-where it all started. He has done Beer Grace on St. Patrick’s Day, ran the Modesto Marathon, ascended Mount Whitney and is HANDS DOWN the best warmup coach there is. Did I mention he plays a mean banjo?

Christine Clark
Monday nights at 6:30pm is where Coach Christine is. When she went to her level one she came back with autographs. She is wife to Chance – the best competition supporter, loving mom and just a tiny little spitfire when it comes to lifting and gymnastics. Oh – she also designed my tattoo. Creative, strong and flipping AWESOME. 

Denny Ferreira
If you don’t come in early or late, you may have missed this guy. He is the mainstay of the 5:30am crew, most times being the WOD guinea pig and completing it before coaching the 5:30am class. As far as I know, he only smiles and encourages…until he silently adds weight to your bar when you are not looking.    He might be the fastest barbell thruster athlete I have seen and has an engine and heart that could only be compared to a younger version of himself. Oh yeah – he is also the prankster who draws faces on the bathroom walls in order to scare the life out of me when I clean them.

Jessica Seats
Hello gymnastics goddess! Jessica has drills, coaching cues and gymnastics technique for DAYS. This mom of two is new to coaching, but has an eye to get you where you need to go. You can find her coaching regularly on Tuesdays at 5:30pm but 95% of the time at Open Gym on Sundays with her badass builder and gym strongman Bryce. And while most people hate burpees – she HATES air squats. 

Tim Spears
Possibly the most photogenic insta-guy out there- he rarely photographs without a smile. He and Denny seem to be going head to head  in this burpee fundraiser. You can find him working out with everyone at a 530pm class or coaching Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Expect a fun game within your warmup when attending his classes. He did not enjoy taking sugar out of his coffee during the Healthy Living Challenge, has an amazing overhead barbell anything and might shed a tear when toes to bar are programmed. But he still shows up to fight that goat. He has also expressed interest in 1,000 burpees. He loves a good White Elephant and might hate clowns…put those two together and join us on December 15th for our Christmas Party…

Tricia Wessling
The staple that holds our teen class together and also keep some of the adults in check. Tricia and I did our first pushup challenge together at CrossFit Modesto in January of 2011 whaaaattt! She is always ready for a team competition, tends bar after Friday afternoon classes and is one of the funniest people I know. If you have doubts in your ability, no worry because she doesn’t. She plays a mean tambourine, is strong overhead and has a heart of gold. She coaches on Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:30pm and Teen classes Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wendy Petroni
The newest member to our team of coaches and probably tied with Coach Tim with donations with help in the form of $100 donated for burpee love. Wendy teaches little people by day and comes in to motivate athletes on Mondays at 3:30pm (thank her dearly for that class) and Thursdays at 5:30pm. She has been attending CrossFit Oakdale since 2015 and is the most badass grandma I have ever met. She and her sidekick, hubby Joe, crack me up on a daily basis. She brought it all to her Open Team this year – especially during the Seinfeld week. 

Ok so this got away from me. There may have been some laughs and tears as I was reflecting on where we have come from and how much I love our coaches. I love them BUT I want them to do burpees. Lots and lots of them. Please donate to any and all coaches. Pocket change, car change, lunch money, Starbucks money. Tell your friends. Barbells for Boobs is an amazing cause.
Workout of the Day
5 Pullups
5 Dips
1 Single Dumbbell Front Squat 50/35
1 Clean and Jerk Left Arm 50/35
1 Clean and Jerk Right Arm 50/35
2 Single Dumbbell Front Squat
2 Clean and Jerk Left Arm
2 Clean and Jerk Right Arm
3 Single Dumbbell Front Squat
3 Clean and Jerk Left Arm
3 Clean and Jerk Right Arm