Walk 'n' Squat


Walk 'n' Squat

At 7:30pm, side effects we will hold out first CrossFit Express class.  It will be a 20min AMRAP of basic movements.  The goal is to be done by 8pm.  This is a great way to get a sweat and open your lungs or to tack on extra work (if you’re into that kind of thing).  I will try this at different times until we find the one that works best.
Today’s strength will be something we’ve never done before, and it will take some communication and team work.  We will only have 2 stations and the lift will take up a good part of the gym.  If you can visualize, we will start from a rack facing the opposite direction as normal.  You will take a weighted walk about 15-20 feet to the other rack on the far side of the gym.  Once you get to the other rack, you will perform 1 Back Squat then rack the bar.  That leaves us only 2 racks.  We will have to work together to adjust weights and rack heights.
Weighted walks are one of the best ways to develop core strength.  I will tell you the most challenging WOD I have ever done in competition was a 4 person weighted walk for 400m plus with a 400# barbell.  Walking with a barbell does so much, we gotta practice it.    

This workout was so hard my hair fell out. - Brian

This workout was so hard my hair fell out. – Brian (Alison, Brian, Chance)

Workout of the Day
Take 10 minutes to warm up the High Bar Back Squat
5 sets, building to the greatest load of:
Weighted Walk plus 1 Back Squat
75 Pushups
During the course of 75 pushups, do 5 rope climbs.  We only have 2 ropes, so go when one is available.  And yes, we have a sub for rope climbs.