Lift Off


Lift Off

The CrossFit Games LiftOff begins on November 3.  This is the second year of the online event.  You can sign up or just play from the cheap seats.  The format is a max effort snatch, advice clean and jerk and a metcon.  Much like the Open, if you go to CFO, you will perform these lifts and workout over the weekend.  We will most likely do the Snatch on next Friday, then Clean and Jerk on Saturday, followed by the workout.  If you sign up, scores must be submitted by Monday night.  Then you wake up Tuesday, November 8, and do your civic duty.


Workout of the Day

Gymnastics Strength/Skill

OTM 10

Handstand drill

25 second work, 35 second rest



21 Power Snatch

21 Overhead Squat

21 Toes to Bar

Men – 95, Ladies – 65

21 minute cap