Today’s WOD comes from CrossFit New England.  It has bears an eerie resemblance to 14.5 – burpee in thruster – and the weights are light enough that big, buy possibly unbroken (UB) sets, are not only possible, but doable.  There are 54 total reps of each movement, for a total of 216 reps were nothing is easy, but nothing is too hard.
Some thoughts
Just looking at it for an RX athlete, I would not do the Snatch UB early, even though you could.  I think quick sets of 5 will work well here.  I would recommend this because I think the Thrusters can and should be done as UB as possible – save some fortitude on the Snatch and use it up on the Thrusters.  Burpees, as always, are just get them done with as much bounce out of the bottom and as little rest as possible.  Toes to Bars, much like the Snatch, may benefit form quick sets.   Know your threshold numbers – sets of 5, or even quick 3s may keep you moving later in the WOD when the reps start to add up.
If possible, put the hammer down on the set of 8s.  Now is your chance to sprint home, so try to go UB through that set of 8 with the bravery and grit that Jed led the Wolverines.
For scaling, use a weight that you can handle easily for 10 or more reps.  75/55 would be my next move down on the barbell.  As always, scale Toes to Bar by getting those toes as close to the bar as you can.
Don’t forget Saturday is the Deadlift/Lift Box Jump ladder.  This is easily scaled, so come in and test yourself after all the deadlift work we have put in.

Sea of People - Great energy tonight!
Sea of People – Great energy tonight!

Workout of the Day
20-16-12-8 rep rounds of
Power Snatch 95/65
Thruster 95/65
Toe to Bar