The ol’ switch-a-roo


The ol’ switch-a-roo

Wednesday is Veterans Day, so we’re gonna move the deadlift day up from Wednesday to Tuesday. Wednesday will be a hero workout, likely with a bunch of pullups.

For the deadlift portion, we are getting deep into this sucker. If you are finding success in the set of 15 and looking to add 20/10 pounds, please ensure you are basically doing these perfect. There should be no ratchet, no bouncing the bar, or anything wonky going on.

I would add that your tempo should be very consistent through all reps – if you are taking big rest at the top, you’re not ready to go up. If you have completed 15 perfect reps, add the weight, but don’t be in a rush to go up. Own that weight.

Workout of the Day

Clean Grip Deadlift

5 sets of 3

Deadlift 275/185
If you have done 15 unbroken reps, add 20/10 pounds