The Muscle Up "Home Run"


The Muscle Up "Home Run"

The third workout of the CrossFit Games Open feature Muscle Ups.  They were on the bar this year, medicine adding a nuance to the movement that we have not seen yet.  We have generally only worked on the muscle ups for athletes that are interested in developing the skill.  That usually means you can do 5 Pullups and 5 Dips.  This is no small feat to develop these skills.

We develop the Pullup and Dip not only by working the movement, but by pulling and pushing barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, sleds, rowing handles, the floor, balls, whatever… 

In the coming weeks and months, I want to attack the transition of the Muscle Up just like we work everything else, by breaking it down it the most basic, simple parts and building it back up.

How?  Well, it recommend starting with what I call the 80 year old Grandmother Muscle Up.  Meaning, you work the transition as if you were an untrained 80 year old grandma.  Review the video.  Do it just like Coach Tosh recommends.  Take all the “Muscle” out of it, and work the mechanics of the movement perfectly.  Once you have the movement perfectly, you may jump into the Muscle Up.  Make sure you are hitting all “the bases” like in the video.  Do not jump through the transition.

There will plenty of chances to get better at pulling.  Instead of subbing in Pullups, work on the transition, whether by grooving through it or jumping.

Further, when we put Muscle Ups on the board, either Bar or Rings are acceptable.  Pick what will get you the best benefit during a given workout.  If you don’t know what that is, ask a coach.

Finally, be smart on your scaling.  If doing 3 Jumping MU is causing you to begin failing reps, take the reps down to 2 or even 1 each round.  Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Workout of the Day

Snatch Balance

In 20 minutes, work to a heavy Snatch Balance.  Don’t sacrifice position for weight.  If you are catching with soft elbows, stay at that weight until you receive into in a solid position.



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