The 2020 Open begins


The 2020 Open begins

The 2020 CrossFit Open begins at 5pm on Thursday. Dave Castro is back to posting impossibly vague hints, there will be an Open announcement show, it seems all is right with the world. Except it’s October and it’s the second Open of the year, but who’s counting?

As always, we will post the Open workout as the WOD on Friday and Saturday. If you plan on coming to workout on Friday, but plan to do the workout on Saturday, I will program a second option for you.

Normally by Saturday we have pretty decent warm up plan and strategy, and I will try to get that out to the coaches as soon as possible.

Workout of the Day

Clean Grip Deadlift

Build to a heavy single in 10 minutes

Pause Clean

Build to a heavy single in 10 minutes

Power Clean Milo

3 Power Cleans OTM 10

Use your week 3 weight – It shouldn’t be super heavy.